Gathering of Great Lakes Nations Powwow

1010 N Morton St.
Portland, IN

Every year for the past decade, the National Center for Great Lakes Native American Culture has made their way to the only Jay in the U.S.A. to remember and honor Great Lakes Native American culture. Citizens are welcomed to join in celebrating and honoring Great Lakes Native American culture during the two-day event at the Tri-State Grounds in Portland, Indiana. These gatherings are intended to educate attendees about the importance of preserving Great Lakes Native art, history and culture.

During the fun, the aura of tradition and revitalization resonates through the grounds and into the footsteps of proud Native Americans and curious citizens of Jay County. The drumming and dancers will entice observes to join in and practice honoring Native American Culture the way Great Lakes Native Americans did centuries ago. Along with bouncing to the rhythm of the beat, spectators will be encouraged to participate in storytelling, tomahawk and artisan demonstrations, and many activities for children. When your stomach grumbles for a taste of authenticity, there will be numerous options of Native American cuisine to choose from.

Along with the Annual Gathering of Great Lakes Nations Pow Wow, the NCGLNAC hosts a variety of activities and workshops throughout the spring and fall for children and adults to learn about Native American traditions, art and the customs of the Great Lakes Native Americans.

People come from all over to attend this Native American Culture Pow Wow each year. This is a great family-oriented learning opportunity and a chance to display your Native American honor. Please join us for this exciting and unforgettable experience.