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Just Passing Through

Make your next Comfort Stop in Jay County.

The Courthouse is the perfect place for your group to stop and stretch their legs.

The Courthouse has ample restrooms for your group.

Throughout the building you will see marble including walls, floors and stairways. Enjoy the beautiful stained glass skylights and astonishing historical painting in the dome.

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You’re welcome to join us for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant with our professional storyteller for a transportation back in time. Listen to the story of Emma Edmonds, a Civil War spy.

Or if you are feeling crafty participate in one of our many crafting activities.

  • A vintage tractor
  • Some of the delicious spreads available at our farmer's market
  • Juicy Jay County Apples, sold at our farmer's market
  • Birdhouses made out of gourds
  • Our Farmer's Market
  • Jay County has 175,770 acres of farms, which means we also have a lot of farm equipment!
  • Our Farmer's Market
  • Jay County has many options to purchase Amish made items.