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Presentation: Crime Scene Investigations

Monday, March 18, 2019 at 6:30 - 8:00

mportant Notice!

The date has been changed to Monday 3/18/19 for the next "Crime Scene Investigations". Sorry for the inconvenience.

"Crime Scene Investigations"
(Part of the Spring 2019 Speaker Series)
When: March 18. 2019, From: 6:30 - 8:00 pm.

Don't worry if you missed the first two presentations, you can attend anyone of the listed presentations.

Are you interested in (CSI) Crime Scene Investigations? Do you like to watch Criminal Minds on TV? Curious how a crime scene is handled? Join us at the John Jay Center for learning for free presentations on:

Introduction to Forensic Science in Criminal Investigations
(Including Cold Cases):

All presentations will be conducted at John Jay in conjunction with the Jay County Historical Society at 6:30 PM by Mike Medler. Presentations will cover both the history of forensic science and the advancement of new forensic technologies. The goal will be to provide those in the community attending with information that will help them better understand forensic science in criminal investigations. And how new forensic technologies can be used and applied to unsolved cold cases.

Presentation Schedule:

• March 18, 2019 Crime Scene Investigations
• April 30, 2019 Blood Stain Analysis
• May 21, 2019 Fingerprints
• June 18, 2019 Hair and Fiber Analysis
• July 30, 2019 Drugs and Toxicology
• August 20, 2019 Serology and DNA Analysis
• September 24, 2019 Arson and Explosive Devices
• October 29, 2019 Forensic Document Examination
• November 19, 2019 Final Mock Crime Scene
• December 10, 2019 Mock Crime Scene Review and
Lessons Learned.


Location John Jay Center for Learning, 101 South Meridian St., Portland

Contact John Jay Center for Learning @ (260) 729-5525