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First Thursday Trivia @ The Tipsy Glass Winery

Thursday, February 7, 2019 at 6:30 - 10:00

Event is geared for those aged 21 and older! Doors open at 6 PM. Trivia will start at 6:30 PM & last about 3 hours.

*No charge to participate.
*Questions will be general/random knowledge. No set categories.
*Brain power only. No electronics/cell phones /internet.
*No minimum on #people on a team.
*Recommended max number of people is 5-6. Beyond that, the DJ says it is more fun to split up.
*Come with a fun team name.
*There will be six rounds of ten general knowledge questions.
*Teams can ask for hints, but a team that knows they have the right answer can block the request. DJ will verify blocking team has the right answer. If their answer is wrong that team automatically misses the question and the other teams get the hint.


Location The Tipsy Glass Winery, 8685 N 400 E, Bryant

Contact Audrey @ (260) 729-7184